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  • Sede di lavoro: Lombardia: Milano
  • Data: 11 Luglio 2018
  • Settore: Consulenza alle imprese; Arte Cultura; Ambientale / Energetico
  • Funzione: Varie; Mktg / PR / Comunicazione; IT / TLC / Internet / Application software
  • Contratti:
  • Azienda: Mediamatch

Content Specialist

In this role you will be asked to elaborate and develop decisive content that will be used to reach our strategical objectives. You will be asked to shape texts and information in a way that drives targeted traffic throughout the user's journey. You will get to put into practice your astonishing writing skills, and you will be able to unleash your creativity in developing appealing texts for our stakeholders and for the public as well. Furthermore, you will be our “social media guy”, as you will be in charge of ensuring that our presence on the social channels we use is always on point. You will get your hands on our communication plan, as you will help in shaping a strategy that helps us synthesize our identity and what others aspect from us. Main responsibilities: - Elaborate and realize a customer-focused content strategy, by identifying targets, proposing an editorial plan and developing and engaging and coherent content (through articles, images, posts…); - Manage, owned and heard media and ensure social presence; - Help manage website, digital projects and digital marketing campaigns; - Assist with the ideation and management of multimedia projects; - Design contents that reflect our brand's identity as well as our target's needs. Maggiori dettagli nella sezione riservata agli utenti Premium.

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IT / TLC / Internet / Application software
Content Specialist
Ambientale / Energetico
Mktg / PR / Comunicazione
Arte Cultura
Consulenza alle imprese
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