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  • Sede di lavoro: Lazio: Roma
  • Data: 20 Febbraio 2018
  • Settore:
  • Funzione: Varie
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  • Azienda: FlowNomy

Key Management Junior Team In Travels And Safaris High End Travel And Tourism Services Management Sector

Key Management Team of FlowNomy™ High Luxury Project Advertisement n°3

FLOWNOMY™ is an International Trademark Brand Vision of High Value and Content with a Core Business Appeal and a High Sense of Community. The Aim of FlowNomy™ Ethical Brand is to Develop, Share, and Promote a New High Luxury Culture and a High Quality LifeStyle in a Sustainable Way, having a wide-ranging Key Conceptual/Strategical/Active Approach.

The Future Company Profile will represent a Cutting Edge of Innovative Role in/on the Worldwide Sectors of High Luxury Scenario, creating a Strategical Impact through MultiNetWork, Internations Corporation, Collaborations, and Affinity Partnerships Solutions.

a Powerful International Community.  The Core Mission of FlowNomy™ Trademark will be transform the Core Vision in Successful Actions, toward

the Life and Success of FlowNomy™ High Luxury Ethical Brand.   The FlowNomy™ International TradeMark has a Start Up MindSet, in a Process of Evolution and Growth, constantly searching Excellence and Talents, Creative Geniuses with a Production Capacities to Promote

Goals.  The FlowNomy™ Project Team Group Cell will Build and Stimulate a Motivational Atmosphere of TeamWork Collaborations to Achieve Common Successful

It will be Selected Long Term Project Management Team of Professionals, Graduates, new Graduates, or to be about to graduate for Key Positions into the FlowNomy™ Brand First Cell Group.

The Youngers Human Capital, open to InnovA(c)tion, Progress, Knowledge, and to the Future, will be considered The Greatest Asset of FlowNomy™ Project Vision, and its Main Long Term Success Formula.

FlowNomy™ High Luxury Project Action Areas – From Design to Realisation:

  • Architecture -  Enviromental  Engineering - Construction and Real estate Activities - Wealth Strategy Investments - Building Project Management and Tourism Sector Construction.
  • Body-Mind Health - WellBeing - Wellness - Nutrition - Beauty Sector.
  • Travels and Safaris – High End Travel and Tourism Services Management.                                                        
  • Entertainment - NightLife - Eventing – Pr Linker/NetWorker – High End Luxury Services.
  • MultiVersity Academy – Master in FlowNomy High Luxury – School for Professionals.
  • Business – Finance – Innovative Wealth Strategies and Solutions – Asset Investments.
  • Web Area – Social Web – Networks – Designing – Communication Platform for Cultural Life – Web Strategies – Branding – Community Life – Luxury Brand Marketing.


Sector n°3:

  • Travels and Safaris
  • High End Travel and Tourism Services Management


Carreer Position: Key Manager of FlowNomy™ International Project Team - Smart Worker


Master’s Degree:

  • Travel and Tourism Management – Tour Operating and Organising Systems Management
  • Any other Equivalent Master’s Degree will be taken in consideration


Languages Requirement: English (Essential) - Other Languages (Desidered)


Fully Proficient in Computer Skills and Internet Service

Key Manager of FlowNomy™ Project Team Terms and Working Conditions:

  • Long-Term Collaboration will be recognised and countersigned with a Fixed Completed Percentage Agreement.
  • The Meeting Point of the Innovative FlowNomy™ Cell Team to Open, Exchange of View and promote Growing, Sharing, and Training, will take place in Rome.
  • Learning Process Availability is necessaire  to acquire the FlowNomy™ Core Skills.
  • The Innovative and TransFormA(c)tive Body-Mind Training Path of FlowNomy™ Project will introduce the Team  Managers into the FlowNomy™ Certificated Professional List.
  • The Accounting Procedures Office of FlowNomy™ International Brand will be managed  abroad Key Manager of FlowNomy™ Project Team Qualifications.
  • Strongly Oriented toward the High Luxury Sectors.
  • Ability to think Strategically and Rapidly Analyse, Interpret and Integrate data information from Varied Sources into clear Conclusions and Objectives.
  • Self Starter and Planner with Great Potential to TransForm any idea in Reality and Reality in Success.
  • Ability to Produce Quality Work with Accuracy and Attention to Detail.
  • Strong TeamWork Orientation and Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills.                  
  • Interested into the Area of Research/Innovation/Futurism.
  • Lifelong Learning Motivated /The Student Attitude.
  • Motivated for Consulting, Education and Training Activities.
  • Talent – Creativity – Inventive – Passion – Ambition – Positivity – Flexibility.
  • Success Oriented.
  • Brilliant Mind - Project Mind – Vision Mind – Entrepreneurial Mind – Focus Mind – Community Mind – Futuristic Mind – Evolving Mind –MultiCultural Mind – Scientific Mind  –Linking Mind –  Winning Mind – MultiTasking  Mind – Sustainable Mind – Ethical Mind.


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Key Management Junior Team In Travels And Safaris High End Travel And Tourism Services Management Sector
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